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School of Promise Project

2nd Quarter, 2016

Swathi and Mythili

Swathi and Mythily are brilliant students at Sri Sankara Vidyashram. Their father is an electrician without a permanent job and their mother is a house wife. Their average household monthly income is Rs. 10,000. This family is currently unable to afford the school fees and were planning to transfer the kids to a corporate school. Their current school teachers are requesting not disrupt the good foundation the kids have built and are urging them to continue with same school. The teachers told us that the kids are are performing exceptionally.


Satkriya’s member Manju helped identify these kids. The kids' mother is now working as a maid in two homes near Manju’s and their father is borrowing money at a high interest to pay for their school. Manju knows that these people are very good and hard working. 

Mythily (X standard fees)

1st term – Rs. 21,330      

2nd term – Rs. 16,830

Total fee – Rs. 38,160.

Swathi (VI standard fees)

1st term – Rs. 21,870      

2nd term – Rs. 16,170.

Total fee – Rs. 38,040.

Here are the latest school progress cards of these children:

  1. Swathi's profile.

  2. Mythily's profile.


Karthik Rajamanicham

Chennai, India

Arunkumar Venugopal

Muscat, Oman

Ramya and Ganapathy

Chennai, India

Kalaivani Subbu

San Jose, USA

Maha and Mani

Mahalakshmi and Manikandan are both very good students. Satkriya’s friend Manju helped identified these kids. Their father is an alcoholic and their mother works as a house maid near Manju’s house to support their family.


Mahalakshmi (X standard fees)

Total fee – Rs. 5,000.

Manikandan (VII standard fees)

Total fee – Rs. 1,500.


Karthikeyan Krishnamurthy

Brussels, Belgium

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