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Nevetha, Stephen

Nevetha and Stephen's father is unemployed and their mother works as a maid in Manju's house. Unfortunately, both parents are uneducated and are unable to manage in Chennai with small salaries. 

Nevetha: 5th std/grade

Stephen: 6th std/grade

Academic year: 2017-18

You can help by donating some money to pay school fees, buy books, stationary, uniform etc. A used computer or a laptop is a great idea too.

2016 Sponsor

Ramya and Ganapathy

Chennai, India

Donation: Rs. 8,000

2017 Sponsors

Rajesh Srinivasan

Melbourne, Australia

Donation: Rs. 7,000

Swathika Ganesan

Chicago, USA

Donation: Rs. 1,850

Friends of Satkriya paying Nivetha and Stephen's fees - 2017

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