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School of Promise Project

1st Quarter, 2016


Lokeshwari's father works as a security guard with a monthly salary of Rs. 7000. Due to some unexpected expenses, their family is unable to afford Lokeshwari's education expenses for the year 2016-17. Lokeshwari is a bright student with consistent A grades. She will study VI standard this academic year and requires Rs. 7000 ($120).



Arun Kumar

Chennai, India

Karthika and Keerthi

Sisters, Karthika and Keerthi are brilliant students. Karthika scored 486/500 in her X standard and will study XII standard this coming academic year. Keerthi scored 469/500 in her IX standard half yearly exams and will study X standard this academic year. Karthika and Keerthi require Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 5,000 respectively.

Their father left them because he was unable to have male children. Their mother is an inspiring woman. She works hard as a cook to earn money for living. Even though they are struggling with the limited finances, their mother is very clear that her daughters should not end up working as a maid like her. She wants them to stand on their own feet and be well educated. Their mother currently borrows money to support her girls' education.



Vijayalakshmi and Dinesh

Charlotte, USA

Rajesh Srinivasan

Chennai, India

Nevetha and Stephenrajan

Siblings, Nevetha and Stephen will study IV and V standard this academic year. They require Rs. 3800 and Rs. 4200 respectively. Their father is unemployed and their mother works as a maid. Unfortunately, both parents are uneducated and were unable to manage in Chennai with small salaries. They have decided to go back to their village leaving Nevetha and Stephen with their relatives in Chennai.



Ramya and Ganapathy

Chennai, India


Divya will study XI in this academic year and requires Rs. 10,000. Divya's father passed away in an accident two years ago and her mother works as a maid in Vyasa school, Adambakam, Chennai.



Kalaivani Subbu

San Jose, USA

Gowrishankar Ganesan

Chennai, India

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